Return Policy and Return Form

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Name or trade name :Kent planning trade

Representative or officer name : Kira Kenjiro

Responsible part signature used clothes sales department

Address Yubinbango:830-0036

Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture Shinohara-cho, 4-10 Toquin apartment Kurume Station east 403 items

Telephone number 09066343334

PC e-mail address

Important matters and other special notes about the return policy, etc. sale

Antique permit: Japan Fukuoka Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 904011210040

Used is supplies returned goods are fair, but the postage will be borne by the buyer like.

Please purchase on the well understanding the used nature.

Return refund due to differences in the subjective against goods can not be accepted.

Both please contact us within 7 days after delivery. Thank you all so can not respond if you have passed it over.

Our goods are products that the purchase of goods in Japan.
It is a commodity that was purchased at pawn shops, thrift shop that leading companies chain deployment. In that case, please return the goods in prepayment. We will receive consult your, such as re-appraisal after the refund returned goods.

Contact from the people who have to sign to receive voucher will be accepted. I will promote the correspondence in the story of the buyer like. Any subsequent correspondence I can not be.

I do strict deal for those who have been a lie of reporting.

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